ZTL (controlled traffic zone) information

For mobility purposes, the historical centre of Florence (roughly defined as the area within the ring roads and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is considered as a Controlled Traffic Zone (ZTL). Within this zone, entry, traffic and parking are all governed by specific laws. 
Non-residents’ motor vehicles are not allowed to enter or park in the ZTL within the following time slots:

  • Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30;
  • Saturday from 7.30 to 18.30.

The ZTL is bordered by a number of access points that, besides being marked by special signs, are monitored by cameras that automatically read the number plates of all vehicles passing through. Some of the numerous access points are reserved solely for public transportation and emergency vehicles, and are banned 24/7.  

The Grand Hotel Baglioni is located inside the ZTL, so every time you enter the zone, you must inform the hotel reception staff of your car’s number plate within two hours of entering. This is required exclusively for cars registered outside the municipality of Florence. No notice is required to exit the ZTL. If the staff is not informed of your entry and therefore finds itself unable to communicate it to the relevant authorities, the entry will be considered unauthorised and will be sanctioned accordingly.

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