“Do you remember the flood in 1966?”

We are certain that this period we are living will be one of those moments capable to mark this age forever and that, not only will we remember it for the difficulties we had to face, but also for the spirit of rebirth following it that we are already experiencing today.
However, now, it is the moment to watch the water flow, because there is nothing to do but act responsibly until the flood has gone.
And it is exactly because we are driven by this natural sense of responsibility that we decided a temporary suspension of activities at least until it will be possible to move safely.
We do this with heavy heart, but, as much as the Grand Hotel Baglioni has become the home in Florence for so many travellers, it is not appropriate to travel at the moment, unless absolutely necessary.
You can be sure that we will use this period of minor activity at our best, with the same Italian spirit of creativity that allowed our city to get back to its lively activity in just a few weeks, also thanks to the typical Tuscan sense of humour able to restore the smile in every situation.

“Do you remember Coronavirus in 2020?”
“Yes, we eventually went out and hugged each other”

See you soon
The Ownership and Staff of the Grand Hotel Baglioni

Much more than a hotel

The Grand Hotel Baglioni, located in the heart of Florence, has been synonymous with hospitality and quality for over 100 years. It is housed in a magnificent 19th-century building, in which past and present coexist in perfect harmony, bearer of the values inherent to Florentine tradition.

Our four-star hotel offers 192 guest rooms, equipped with all the comforts and facilities of a high-standard hotel, and is home to a renowned Conference Centre, consisting of nine conference rooms accommodating up to 400 people. On the fifth floor, you can discover the beauty of our splendid B-Roof panoramic restaurant from which you can admire the skyline of Florence, taking in the whole city with a single glance.

With us, every event can become extraordinary.

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