Reopening of the Grand Hotel Baglioni

"Do you remember springtime in 2020?"

"Yes, we eventually went out and hugged each other".


This sentence closed the message with which, in early April, we announced the closure of the Grand Hotel Baglioni to a later date. Such an incredible and rare event that immediately brought to mind the terrible days in 1966 when our town was devastated by a flood.


Due to this unpredictable event, the city was “on its knees” and it seemed impossible to return to normal life.

Nowdays, once again, we spent moments of bewilderment and great uncertainty, but we got through these dark moments. Now it’s time to reopen the Baglioni, a symbol of Florentine hospitality, house of Italian and foreign travelers in which over the years they have experienced unforgettable moments. We witnessed so much affection from all of you thanks to all messages supporting us and memories you sent and shared with us through the social and we truly thank you for that.


We have the pleasure to announce the official reopening of the Grand Hotel Baglioni scheduled on June 16th and the restaurant B-Roof scheduled on June 18th. Just a few days and we will be able to meet again. See you soon!



Red Carpet
Red Carpet
Red Carpet
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Grand Hotel Baglioni

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