Summer in Florence

The florentine summer will offer many unmissable events in the next weeks.


Music lovers can choose among various different concerts, such as the first Florentine edition of the Notte della Taranta (a popular folk dance of southern Italy); the Festival of the florentine classical orchestra Maggio Musicale; the Firenze Jazz Finge Festival; the Musart and the Rockin' 1000.


Movies will have a wide space, too, from the outdoor cinemas (Piazzale degli Uffizi, Mandela Forum and Puccini Garden) to special events such as the Firenze FilmCorti festival or the Nuovo Cinema Duke Ellington dedicated to jazz music.


For those looking for more special events, we recommend the exhibition "Gong" by Eliseo Mattiacci at Forte di Belvedere, the Balagan Cafè in the garden of the Synagogue and the Florence Dance Festival in the cloister of Santa Maria Novella.


Click here for the Estate Fiorentina 2018 full program.

Red Carpet
Red Carpet
Red Carpet
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