Grand Hotel Baglioni reopening

During these months of necessary closure, the wait to return to welcome our guests has turned into a great opportunity to reopen with a whole new look.


Starting from the outside, the change is evident: the entrance, the large windows and the famous canopy, which for more than a century gave shelter to Florentine citizens, present themselves with a new, more modern and sophisticated look. It is immediately noticeable the great attention to detail that we have reserved for the modernization and renovation works, which involved various areas of the hotel and which will be finished in the upcoming weeks.


Once you cross the threshold, the change becomes even more evident: the brightness of the large hall and the fine finishes give this environment a new air, although the respect for the glorious past that has always characterized the Grand Hotel Baglioni is impeccable. The works were not limited to the reception, but also involved the entire conference center and the renowned panoramic restaurant located on the fifth floor.


The meeting rooms, in addition to being technologically advanced, now offer innovative spaces in which art, culture and modernity come together to create a multifunctional environment perfect for any need: small meetings, large conferences, art exhibitions, fashion shows and exhibition stands are ready to return to these rooms full of character and elegance. The old checked carpet has given way to a carpet specially designed for these rooms and enriched with artifacts written by the great personalities who give name to each room; the brightness of the new walls allows the large liberty-style skylight to dominate and shine at any time of day; the new and elegant doors guarantee perfect acoustics and soundproofing. Any type of meeting or event will find the ideal location in these rooms.


It will be impossible for our guests not to notice the great change that has involved the B-Roof restaurant. The replacement of the carpet has given even more depth and refinement to the interior rooms, while the new paintwork brings out even more the magnificent view that the large windows offer over the rooftops of the city of Florence. The renovation also involved the bar area, where skilled barmen will always create new recipes for a rich and varied proposal. Not only the rooms, however, also the menu is renewed with an offer designed for every need and taste: the imagination and skill of Chef Richard Leimer and the careful research of raw materials have given life to a perfect menu for every type of event or special evening, which can also be enjoyed on the elegant outdoor terraces from which it seems to touch the roofs of Florence with a finger.

Red Carpet
Red Carpet
Red Carpet
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