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In 2003, to appropriately celebrate the 100th anniversary of its inauguration, the Grand Hotel Baglioni set up a permanent photographic exhibition, through which it tells the story of the hotel in pictures: a unique testimony of the many occasions when the hotel has played a role in the history of Florence and Italy. Strolling along the corridors of the four floors where the exhibition is held truly is like taking a trip back in time, immersing yourself in the major events involving the city and its inhabitants in the fractured course of the 1900s. Picture by picture, it portrays historical events and simple moments of everyday life, portraits of important figures hosted at the Baglioni and images of ordinary people: a mixture that, when viewed by our visitors, paints a comprehensive and exhaustive picture of over a hundred years of our lives.

The exhibition, recently expanded and with more recent events added, is an attempt at a passionate homage to Florence, and at the same time, evidence of our hotel has been a privileged spectator of some of the main events of the 20th century. We hope you enjoy our small contribution to keeping an important shared memory alive.

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