The Grand Hotel Baglioni is in a ZTL limited traffic zone

ZTL limited traffic zone
Florence’s historical centre (the part between the 19th-century ring roads, which is a UNESCO-protected area) is a ZTL, or limited traffic zone, and a series of rules and regulations apply.
Cars belonging to non-residents can neither enter nor park in this area at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 7,30/19,30
  • Saturday: 7,30/18,30

The ZTL has a series of entrances which are clearly signposted and controlled by systems that automatically record the registration plates of the cars which pass through  them. Some of these entrances are for the exclusive use of public transport and emergency vehicles  and are off-limits to private vehicles 24/07. 

The various accesses to the ZTL zone are guarded by CCTVs. Each time a car enters the zone  the car’s registration plate and the time are sent to the hotel reception.This applies only to cars with registration plates from outside the province of Florence.  No communication is required for cars leaving the ZTL zone.   

If our staff is not informed of the access to the ATL zone and is, therefore, unable to advise the authorities, the entrance into the STL zone will be considered unauthorized and a fine will apply.
Outside the ZTL  zone the city is divided into  ZCS zones which control parking.  Non residents can park in these areas behind the blue lines by paying (residents park behind the white lines) or in authorized car parks such as the “Parterre” (Piazza Libertà), “Oltrarno” (Porta Romana), “Beccaria” and “Fortezza Fiera” (Fortezza da Basso)  all of which offer special daily and night-time rates.

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